Germantown Rental Information

A Message to Short Term Rental Owners and Their Guests

Germantown is a town that always welcomes visitors, and we ask that during this challenging time, all residents and guests join together and do their share to flatten the curve, stop the spread of the virus and protect our community.

For visitors, please respect our community. Please be careful to maintain social distance, wear masks in public, and wash hands often. Visitors are obligated to follow the NY State travel guidelines. Visitors should also consult the information posted on the Columbia County Department of Health COVID-19 resources page.

For rental owners, make sure that your rental terms are aligned with the state travel guidelines (linked above) and make sure that your guests are aware of the rules and restrictions that are currently in place.

If we all work together and make the necessary adjustments we will get through this.

Germantown Town Board, January 2021